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Shopping online?

Ember is a new Chrome extension that automatically selects your sizes as you shop, to help your orders fit perfectly, every time.

Take a few simple measurements and let Ember do the rest

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About Ember

Forget about sizes.


In the past 23 years, we humans have done some absolutely astounding things.


We can now edit our DNA, have anything delivered in two hours, relax in cars driving without us, exchange stories with friends around the world, and watch shooting stars from space. 


And, we shop online, guess our size, and return everything that doesn't fit...


Why can't fashion just fit?


Ember is making sure it does. And we're just getting started.

Here's to the next 23, 

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How does it work

Add the Ember Chrome extension to your computer in just a few clicks

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Take a few simple measurements to help Ember personalize your fit

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Shop from your favorite brands as Ember automatically highlights the sizes that fit you best

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